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 Earth First! Direct Action Manual 1st Edition (1997,  Eugene, OR. USA)

 As the militant environmental movement  entered the mid 90′s it was mired in internal  conflict about tactics, the relevance of other    causes to wilderness defense, and whether or  not violence was justifiable in solidarity with  wild creatures and ecosystems. Despite this  infighting groups like Earth First! managed to  win some sizable campaigns using blockading  and civil disobedience techniques.

 As word spread about new tactics developing in the  forests of Oregon and northern California, there was a  sudden clamor from other activist groups to build  their own lockboxes, barrels, tripods, and “black bears.” The DAM Collective answered this demand by printing the Earth First! Direct Action manual, a nicely illustrated and bound book containing how-to instructions on scouting, security, dealing with police, and setting up voluntary arrest scenarios utilizing “lock downs.”

But the Direct Action manual was more than that. It also contained short articles about Critical Mass, The Animal Liberation Front, varying theories on non-violence as an ethic vs. a tactical choice, and plenty of discussion of practical security measures for activists. It not only put the power of blockades into the hands of the masses, it also put minds into motion to consider the best ways forward for the radical environmental movement.


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